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Re: utstock head units (stallinbenji)

haha.......I took it to a car stereo place when i bought my headunit because it was FREE INSTALLATION......and they did it for me

But the 2 holes on the outside of the deck, u need a tool for it, but a bent wire hanger will do the trick. bend the hangers into a "C" and stick one end of the hanger into each hole and then push the little tabs down on the inside (might take a while to get) and the unit SHOULD kinda slide out a littl ebit, GRAB it, and dont let go.......keep wiggling the hangers one at a time to release each side........thats the basic idea....the first time i had to remove it, it took me a half hour.....pain in the arse.....
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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