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V-belt Pullies ...

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Okay, I REALLY need to change my timing belt, but I'm having a problem getting the v-belt pullies off. Everytime I try to lossen the bolts, the just spin the pullies. Do I need an airgun, or what?
I've got to get this done ... I'm mom is bitchin.
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Re: V-belt Pullies ... (DriveVW4Life)

You just need to stop the pulley from turning while initially undoing the bolts, once they start turning it's a lot easier. Many aftermarket shops (Rapidparts, RMM, Adirondack etc) sell a special tool which looks like an open triangle with a handle, it fits over the three pulley bolt heads and provides the necessary leverage. If you're in the middle of the job, and it's the waterpump and/or power steering pullies, try clamping a small C-clamp (Home Depot etc) onto the body of the pulley (not the v-groove), do it up tightly; when you try to undo a bolt, the pulley will rotate until the C-clamp rests against something and will then stop the pulley wheel from turning. This worked well for me until I got the special tool. There is usually enough engine resistance to stop the crank pulley from turning when undoing those bolts provide that you have the spark plugs in.
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