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v6-v8 drop in kit for a 198- vanogan??

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sorry dont know the exact year ill try to find out the problem is the engine is blown but instead of just getting another 4cylinder i was wondering if there were any companies that made a drop in kit so that you could fit in a v6-v8 any links to sites to find these at would be highly appreciated thanks
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Re: v6-v8 drop in kit for a 198- vanogan?? (lifesk8r41)

this is a good place to start i got most of my stuff here was very helpfull
inline 4 is most economical and has a lot of future options
cams turbos and such his site gives suggestions engine list
i asked about vr6 and he said adapter plate was avail. but install set(motor mounts) was not yet ck it out cool site
Re: v6-v8 drop in kit for a 198- vanogan?? (Mr Wolf)

maybe does he owe you any money

no o ok ya thats me

lol ya stop by but let me know and ill drive it to work
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