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i took another daily look at my engine compartment today and found a
vacuum line that was cut off; the one thats connected to the throttle
body right under the bypass tube. either way, im thinking of just
replacing all of them. i've seen some people with hose techniques
is there a kit for the g60? anyone know where i could get a good deal
for the set? if i have to get the universal kit, what's the diameter
of the hoses?
anyone here going to hot water blast in houston?

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Re: vacuum hose (DonSessoG60)

I had Hose Techniques hoses on my Saab 900 turbo. They have a good product, and prices aren't bad. They don't have a "kit" for the Corrado, though.
Do a search, the ID's and lengths of hose you'll need have been mentioned a couple times within the last few weeks.
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