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VAG & Aftermarket CD/radio

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I need to disconnect my cd player (Sony CDX-M610) to hook up a vag to the car. Think they'll charge me where I got it installed? Install took place Jan 18th....I'm going tommorrow morning to talk to one of the guys there.
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Re: VAG & Aftermarket CD/radio (NJTDI)

It's really not that hard to take out the radio if you have the keys that go on the side to pull it out. Then all you have to do is disconnect the adapter harness that connects the radio to your stock harness. If you know anything about car stereo, it shouldn't be hard at all.
BTW, just so you know, the reason why your dealer does that is because of the K-wire. It's a wire on the stock radio wire harness that needs to be disconnected when you install any aftermarket radio. If your stereo installer knows what they are doing, this wire should have been disconnected when they did the install. Once you make sure this wire is no longer hooked up, you won't have to pull the radio every time you take it to the dealer. If this wire isn't disconnected, it can fry the VAG-COM at your dealer so that is why they are very careful about diagnosing cars with aftermarket radios.
Re: VAG & Aftermarket CD/radio (DJKeebler)

Thanks..I have the diagram showing me what to disconnect, just haven't tried to take out the radio yet. I don't have those keys so is there any other way to take it out? This reason for this is because last weekend John Achille and I weren't able to hook up his VAG and we later figured out the aftermarket radio is probably the reason. I'll give it a try tommorrow morning if I can use something other than those keys to get it out with.
Re: VAG & Aftermarket CD/radio (NJTDI)

I've had my car in for service twice since I installed my Kenwood. They never mentioned anything about it to me.
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