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Re: VAG-COM capabilites in AUSTIN, TEXAS - Euro rear lights - 06 GLI (355890)

Quote, originally posted by 355890 »

I spoke with someone over the phone today and they indciate to me that ever car is different and therefore the codes would be different, but I'm not convinced that this is true.

Is this true?
I have my euro tails on order for my 06 GLI, how will I know what the vehicle specific changes should be made in vag com?

<<<<<<<<<---Please tell me this is all I need--->>>>>>>>
BYTEs 09 through 13 of Central Electronics (09) controller are the main change for AMBER Tails. Stock NAR BYTES are as follows:
14 00 00 00 14
AMBER are as follows:
0A 00 00 0F 00
An example of of coding, including the AMBER BYTES, and deletion of cold diagnostics, and the activation of the Emergency Stop/flashing of the tail lights follows:
17 07 8E 23 40 04 15 00 00 0A 00 00 0F 00 00 00 00 29 55 03 5C
BYTES 09 through 13 change for the Euro AMBER Tail Lights.
BYTES 17 through 19 have minor changes to disable cold diagnostics on the (no longer installed) incandescent bulbs, and enable the High Speed Emergency Stop flashing of the Tail Lights (to let people behind you know that something is seriously wrong on the road ahead).
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