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There has been much debate here regarding the SS-BCS and its ability to add fuel.
I have found that it appears to. The ECU seems to maintain/richen the factory set A/F even with the extra boost.
Check out the 3 new plots here:
note: as you can see, the duty cycle reported by VAG-COM exceeds 100% on the boosted plot. Since this is not possible (these are estimates I believe), when I created the A/F plot, I truncated to 100% max, so the A/F is as true to life as possible.
note 2: ambient temp was ~40-45 degrees during the test.
note 3:
A/F was calculated by taking:
1. MAF in g/s, converting to g/min.
2. Passat injectors 270 cc/min @ 3 bar, running at 4 bar (= 3 bar flow X sqrt(4/3))
3. injector duty cycle calculated using this procedure:
4. density of gas = 0.73g/ml ~ 0.73 g/cc
5. air (g/min) divided by fuel (g/min) = A/F.
MANY more plots to follow, I have some interesting ones regarding knock detection/timing correction, ECU protection, requested/boost, timing advance per rpm/boost level, throttle blade control vs boost/knock/requested input, etc.
I'll probably re-log some of the "boosted" values to get the lower RPM MAF and duty cycle readings (was doing this on the highway), for some reason my VAG-COM activation has changed, I'm stuck in shareware mode!


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Re: VAG-COM plots of A/F, injector duty cycle, MAF when using the SS-1.8TBCS (mrkrad)

this will be interesting
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Re: VAG-COM plots of A/F, injector duty cycle, MAF when using the SS-1.8TBCS (spaceman_spiff)

I too have the BCS and love it. The one thing I did to get better fuel to the motor was to add the TT 225 injectors. I have to say other than the motor thinking it is running to rich, causing the check engine light to come on, but it runs way better. I think the motor runs smoother than the V6 now. This is my second Passat and I always play with them. I have to say I am very happy so far with the performance. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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