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Vag question

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Is there a vag tool option to only make the two front doors unlock insted of all of them? and no the answer is not get a gti
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Re: Vag question (wolfsburg_de)

quote:[HR][/HR]Selective unlocking will unlock just the driver's door with one press, then the rest of the doors with a second press.
Select Control Module
46 - Cent. Conv. (35 - Cent. Locking for manual window cars)
07 - Recode
Central Locking and 2 power windows
- selective unlocking 00256
- all doors unlock 00256[HR][/HR]​
shouldn't the last 00256 be a 00257 if the coding follows a logical progression? I don't know, I do know you can't ahve two codes do two different things.
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