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I was in for service at this dealership for the second time yesterday. I didn't buy my car at this dealer, but seeing as it's by far the closest dealer, this is where I've taken it in for service.
The first time I took it in, I called on a friday morning and tried to get an appointment for that afternoon, instead of hanging up, the tech asked what the problem was. I told him that I needed a flat repaired and I would be driving quite a distance that afternoon, so he told me to bring it in whenever I could.
I took it in, and less than 30 minutes later I was back on the road with a fixed tire.
Last tuesday I called to make an appointment for an oil change and a tire rotation. I had no problem making an appointment for friday afternoon, only three days away. After making the appointment I noticed a crack in my windshield. Since I have full glass coverage I called my insurance company and reported the claim. The claims lady suggested that if I have the chance to take it to the dealer and see if it is a stress crack. The crack is in the middle of the windshield and the car is about 5 months old, so she thought it'd be pretty unlikely that it was a stress crack, but I decided to have them look at it anyway.
I got to the dealership about an hour early, and instead of having to wait, they got right to my car. The attitude when you step up to the counter is great. The service manager asks how you're doing, how your car is performing, and if there's anything you'd like him to look at. I mention the windshield and also ask that he take a look at the brakes. No problem, he asks if there's anything else I'd like him to look at while I'm in there. It's great, you never feel like you're being unreasonable for asking him to look at potential problems.
They get right to my car, change the oil, rotate the tires and he takes a look at the windshield. He calls up someone (I'm assuming a regional rep or something) tells him there is a crack in the bottom of the windshield about halfway across, and asks if he can cover it under warranty. The guy on the other line says yes, he orders a new windshield for me and I should have a new one early next week.
I really have to say, after reading all of the horror stories about dealerships on here, that I was a little concerned that Valenti would be the same way, but my experience so far has been great, in fact, I was so satisfied that I called VW Customer Care and complimented the dealer, since I'm sure they here enough complaints about dealers.
Just thought I'd let other people know so if they're in SE CT or SW RI, they know Valenti's a good place to go.
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