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Valve noise?

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I wanted to know if valve noise is normal? I tried 10w30 and 10w40 synthetic. The valve noise is still there.
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Re: Valve noise? (cabbyvr6)

to be pedantic
you could say that valve noise is not normal - as technically speaking, valve noise could be 'pinking' or 'pinging' - pre-ignition making the valves whistle.
You mean cam follower noise right? No - there should only be a very slight noise from these - no noticeable distinct clicks (from a single worn one) or rattles or hammering noises.
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Re: Valve noise? (bdb98vr6)

I live in hawaii. The temp here is usually above 80 degrees (F) Aloha! for the reply.
Re: Valve noise? (cabbyvr6)

Cab with a VR6......Nice.
Definitely try the 20w-50 oil. My Jetta had the cam follower noise, a ticking or tapping sound, especially at idle. I put in some Valvoline synthetic, and the noise is gone, and the engine is running 10 degrees cooler.
Re: Valve noise? (Vr6shl)

Thanks for the advice, I'll give it a try this weekend and get back to you.
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