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VDO Gauges

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So i took my deck out and I'm putting some gauges there.
What Gauges would be best?
Do you guys have any pictures of this setup?
I was thinking volts/temp/something else
Also inside the speedo, beside the gas tank reader, where is that temperature
reading from?
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Re: VDO Gauges (ronsGTI)

Here is mine. They are VDO Night Design gauges that are no longer made. They were the 1st backlit gauges they offered and illuminate green at night like the stock instrument cluster. I like them because they were one of the only VDO series that had white "pointers" on the gauges....
The panel I used to install it is a factory VW DIN plate #191-857-231B and was only about $2.00 from the dealer. After a little work with the dremel the gauges fit fine...
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Re: VDO Gauges (ronsGTI)

I have a 92 GTi and I have my guages where the ash tray and cig. lighter were I post a pic this week
Re: VDO Gauges (92GTi16v)

DOes anyone else have pics or know about the te,p in your cluster, and what does temp does that read
Re: VDO Gauges (shawnoen)

how do you hook up the oil pressure and the water temp gauges? i want to do this, but i would like to know how you did the senders, etc for these.
Re: VDO Gauges (3WheelGTi)

I'm using VDOs from a Cabby, which is oil temps, oil pressure, and voltage.
For the oil pressure VDO to work right, it needs attached to this thing:

which lets the VDO get a signal, and still let the factory low pressure oil system (idiot light/buzzer) get a signal.
The oil temp VDO gets hooked to the front sender thing with the white band on it on the oil filter (not sure what to do if you already have a MFA):

And the volt VDO gets hooked to power

I put my gauges in a triangle, 2 on the bottom, in a plate which is mounted in the cubby hole in front of the shifter. There are better places to mount them for looking at while driving, but I never needed them before, so no biggie there, and I didn't want to move the radio or lose my ashtray.
As for the factory coolant temp gauge, it is hooked on top of the coolant flange on the front of the head. I forget what color the wire is, but it should be a single wire, with a female blade connector on it. Anyway, if you connect that wire to ground, the temp gauge gets pinned.
Oh, get the senders from the donor car, or buy them new...which sucks, because the oil pressure sender is like $65. I got my senders and VDos from an 85 (?) Cabby, but some Audis have the senders and stuff too....just hunt in the junkyards for them. I scored my stuff for about $15-$20 total

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Re: VDO Gauges (ronsGTI)

What Gauges would be best?[HR][/HR]​
VDO Cockpits seem to match VW's pretty well.
I was thinking volts/temp/something else?[HR][/HR]​
I'm going to do oil pressure, volt, oil temp. (Even though I have oil temp in my MFA)
quote:[HR][/HR]Also inside the speedo, beside the gas tank reader, where is that temperature reading from?[HR][/HR]​
You mean the other small gauge in the instrument cluster? That's water temp. If your car has an MFA, it reads oil temp.
Re: VDO Gauges (ronsGTI)

so thats what you did today and didn't tell me!
i've been thinking about it for a long time though but now since you beat me to it, im out of the running!
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Re: VDO Gauges (91Golf)

Here's mine.
I didn't do it, but being as the stock clock can't be changed anymore I'm guessin' that's the instigator of the clock. Definately incl. Volts and Oil Pressure IMO. I wish I also had one for water temp. good 'ole MFA has me covered otherwise

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