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VDO oil pressure gauge

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I have seen 83 and 84 GTI's with VDO 5 bar oil pressure gauges in them. Question is: do these 5 bar (73 psi) gauges peg on cold starts?
Any Rabbit engine I ever saw produces over 100 psi on a cold start. The Rabbit engine with solid lifters, that is.
Later engines with hydraulic lifters may have lower oil pressure at cold start.
Reason for asking is that I want to put an oil pressure gauge on a 1.9 diesel (a hydraulic lifter motor), and I have one of these 5 bar VDO pressure gauges.
Whatt'ya think, guys?
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Re: VDO oil pressure gauge (clyde)

I have a 150psi vdo gauge in my 83 GTI, it has a hydro motor and it pegs the gauge on start up! Once is warm it sits just under 30psi.
Re: VDO oil pressure gauge (zipnbygti)

The five bar gauge is not made for a Rabbit. I believe they are for Porsche's because they have lowere oil pressure. My GTI has a 150 psi gauge and my convertible has a 9 bar.
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