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Re: very fast tapping sound (linty)

Quote, originally posted by linty »
Had the same problem 2 weeks ago and took it in to the dealer.....I had a tapping or ticking sound in the glove box/psg side kick panel area usually around 800-1000 rpm and was very annoying.
Service advisor said it was normal (emissions or something). I then asked to have a mech who was walking by to take a quick listen and said its NOT normal....brought it in the next day and it was the fuel line hitting against the firewall/ transmission tunnell area....wrapped the anti rattle kit around it (a.k.a insulation) and its been fine since.
posted a link over on the mkv forum and there has been a couple others with the same problem

I had a sound similiar to this... brought it into the dealer. It was not the engine tapping sound. It sounded like it was near the firewall on the P side. Thought it was the ABS pump, which is located on the fire wall.
It chatters rather loudly at idle. When I gave it some gas, the noise stops.
Brought it in for an oil change and complained about the noise. Had a vacuum line replaced at approx 5k. It was in the frame of the car, under the passenger side seat area. Tech agreed it was making a crazy vibrating sound at idle and disappeared when given fuel.
The gf's A3 reached 5k and was making the same noise. She had the same thing repaired. Noise is gone.
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