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Re: very fast tapping sound (RyanA3)

i had the tapping sound i think some of you are talking about...it was a fast tapping sound that seemed to come from behind the glovebox, and it only happened at idle, after the car was warmed up. if you gave it any gas at all, the sound went away, and oftentimes it would be quieter if you turned the a/c on (i do not have climatronic). i know everyone in this thread is not talking about this sound, but i do believe some of you are.
i took the car to my dealer about two weeks ago, and they kept it for 6 days, and they fixed it. the sound is completely gone, and the sound happened consistantly every day before i took it to the dealer, regardless of how much fuel was in the tank. they hadn't finished the paperwork when i picked up the car, and my service manager wasn't there (after hours pickup), so i wasn't able to find out what they did to it. they said they'd mail me the work order and stuff as soon as they got it done, i'll let you guys know what it says.
the dealer said they had been burning up the phone lines with VW trying to fix the problem, and i think they said they actually got a vw engineer to come hear the sound and fix it. i don't know what they did, but its completely gone.
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