Although has only been around for the past 5 years, founders JJ Larson and Matt Crane are in no way new to the Volkswagen enthusiast scene.  The pair- who are also behind dubkorps and wagenwerks , have long been involved in the enthusiast lifestyle and just so happen to own some of the cars you've admired over the past few years; JJ's RS 4-bodied B5 chassis S4, and Matt's bagged Audi TT.  Like most who are so heavily involved in the scene, their summer schedule is a hectic one, putting them in a different city, state or even country on an almost weekly basis.  It's even more impressive then, that the two can pump out such high quality content on a regular basis.  Their video coverage of this year's Waterfest is no exception.


The film (which can be seen right here) , which comes in at just over four minutes in length, proves to be an extremely good look back at the sights and sounds that made Waterfest 20 (and the after-hours Afterfest) one of the best ever.  We can't wait to see what else the crew at has in store from this past event season.