California-based software tuner GIAC made waves earlier this month when a Golf R with their programming ran an 11.1 second quarter mile at 125mph, setting a new record.  The European-spec Golf R was running 28psi during the attempt on pump gas, without the help of meth injection.  Video footage of the run and an official Press Release can be found below.
  • 11 second ¼ Mile Record for GIAC-tuned Statller Golf R

On October 5th 2014, Statller Power Development’s GIAC-tuned Stage 3 Golf R ran an 11.1 second ¼ mile with a top speed of 125 MPH at Santa Pod Raceway in the United Kingdom.  The pass was made with pump gas and no meth injection! Boost pressure was set at 28 psi for this run to keep the factory clutch pack (w/ over 60,000 miles of use) from slipping at higher boost pressures.

The Statller team knew the track pass would go well. The car was prepared with in-house built Just rods, minor head work for the internals and a Nortech HTA3073 BT Kit. Dyno tests of this MK6 Golf R measured 528 horsepower with 408 foot-pounds of torque on 32psi of boost with no meth injection.

Statller is looking forward to more upgrades and even more power for this Golf R!