Video automotive journalists, Everyday Driver, recently reviewed the Integrated Engineering 450 WHP Mk6 Golf R in real world driving conditions.   They were pleasantly surprised by their Golf that has super car horsepower while remaining docile enough for daily driving.  The IE Golf R was fitted with the new IE450T big turbo kit as well as other high performance parts.

Some notable comments from the video-

"When you Dip into the throttle, ok that’s fast.. At 4000 RPM The turbo sounds start doing it’s thing. At 5000 RPM you know that this is definitely a different car. By 6000 RPM- You’ve lost your drivers license! This Car wants to go!"-Paul Schmucker @ Everyday Driver

"We’re almost in HellCat acceleration times which is nuts all the time. The Golf is only nuts when you want it to be." -Todd Deekan @ Everyday Driver


The Integrated Engineering 450T turbo kit was designed in-house by IE’s engineers over a two year period.  IE designed components of the turbo kit include the twin scroll exhaust manifold, cast MAF housing, cast turbo outlet pipe, 304 stainless downpipe, and ECU software with motorsport features of launch control and no lift shift. This bolt on turbo kit brings to together the street friendly drivability that everyone wants along with super car beating horsepower.

The IE 450T Golf R , which is also the daily driver of one of IE’s owners, has a wide range of performance upgrades. The built motor and cylinder head enable the kit to be pushed far past the kits base horsepower levels of 450HP. When using the 116 octane race file the IE Golf R is able to max out the turbo surpassing the 550 HP mark.  Future plans for additional power also include the development of a low pressure fuel system and a plug and play water-meth system.


Engine & Drivetrain Upgrades
  • Integrated Engineering Sport Cylinder Head (Remanufactured OEM cylinder head with a new valve job, performance valves, IE valve spring kit, and IE valve guides)
  • Integrated Engineering Sport Short Block (Remanufactured OEM block, overbore IE spec Mahle pistons, IE Tuscan rods, Mahle performance bearings)
  • Integrated Engineering High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP)
  • Integrated Engineering Intake manifold
  • Clutchmaster FX400 clutch and steel flywheel

Bolt-on upgrades
  • AP big brake kit
  • VMR 19” 810 wheels
  • Integrated Engineering Camber Plates & KW V3 coilovers
  • Integrated Engineering cold air intake with velocity stack
  • Integrated Engineering PCV Solution
  • Integrated Engineering shifter bushings

Everyday Driver operates a YouTube channel (located here ) which produces automotive videos for enthusiasts on sports cars as well as a tuner series called Fast Blast. We thought the IE 450T Golf R would be a great match for their Fast Blast series and decided to reach out to them. The result was a genuine 3 rd party review that demonstrates how the IE 450T Golf R functions under daily driving as well as “spirited” driving conditions.