Motorweek has been digging in the crates as of late, regularly posting videos of their older reviews to YouTube.  It's an idea that we quite like, as it gives us a chance to look back at some of the more memorable 'young timers' to see how they were recieved when new.  Recently, Motorweek gave the Retro Review treatment to the 1986.5 Scirocco 16 Valve, a car that has stood the test of time surprisingly well.

Move past the once cutting edge video quality, and much of the Scirocco's review and performance numbers hold up much better than you'd expect.  The price is also right in line with today's offerings, with the noted price of $15,000 equalling just over $32,000 in 2014's money.  It's important to also note that the review was conducted using the stock 42mm manifold as opposed to the 50mm European manifold some cars were fitted with as a subtle cheater mod, capable of dropping nearly a second off the 0-60 time.