When the GTI Clubsport was revealed earlier this year, it quite simply blew us away.  Sticking to the front wheel drive GTI formula, yet better in every measurable way than our Performance Pack option and coming complete with an alcantara-covered steering wheel, high-backed shell seats and fully-functional downforce at both axles for the first time ever, the Clubsport is likely the best GTI yet.  Imagine our disappointment, then, when we heard that North America won't be getting it. During this past week's upload to the EVO Diaries category, reviewer Dan Prosser gives us yet another reason to be jealous of the Europeans.

Quickly called the 'sweet spot' in the GTI range, EVO's Dan Prosser spends the majority of this video simply rubbing salt in the wound.  Happily, though, the details of what exactly makes the Clubsport a special model are filled with silver linings.  As the car does not feature any bespoke lightweight trickery, the serious North American enthusiasts can create something quite close to this car, and do it on a fairly small budget.  Tires from Michelin, dampers from your favorite provider, software from any one of the numerous tuners, and you're nearly there.  We just wish we could have one with a warranty.

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