The advertising campaign for the new Touareg centers on the likelihood of the seemingly impossible actually occurring. The motto of the campaign is "Ready for whatever.", and the message is: Whatever happens, however impossible the situation may seem – anyone driving the new Touareg can sit back and relax. The pan-European print campaign is flanked by a web special plus an extra advert. The campaign gets underway on October 13, 2014.

How likely is it that a meteor will hit our planet? Will dinosaurs return? Or will an entirely unknown form of life conquer the Earth? Questions like these are at the heart of the campaign. "Touareg drivers can relax when facing all of life's challenges. A whole range of technological advances in comfort and safety equipment help them respond flexibly. And that is precisely what our campaign illustrates in a tongue-in-cheek style", says Anders-Sundt Jensen, Head of Marketing Communications at Volkswagen Passenger Cars. Incidentally – the probability of a meteor strike is roughly 0.2 percent.

The campaign for the new Touareg also includes an extra advert which highlights the vehicle's offroad qualities – at least in theory. This advert is about what the Touareg could do if the driver were willing. Starting October 13, 2014 the ad will be shown in movie theaters and posted online at .

The new Touareg generation has not only been given a redesigned front and rear, the vehicle has also been enhanced technically in all areas. The sophisticated SUV features new assistance systems such as standard-issue multi-collision brakes and a new generation of the ACC adaptive cruise control plus Front Assist. In addition, an adaptive air suspension system available as an option ensures very superior ride comfort. Particular focus has been placed on the technical enhancement of the popular V6 TDI engines. Both six-cylinder engines have been modified and upgraded by adding an SCR catalytic converter. This significantly reduces the amount of nitrogen oxides, thus meeting the EU6 emissions standard.