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Vintage photos....Awesome!

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Vintage pics? Anyone? The more I see the more I get into the photos.

Feed me.

I'll kick this snowball rolling....

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my city Library has some online archives of thousands of local historical photos; found my house in there along with lots of good classic shots.

1937 Ford - credit Oregon state Archives, ODOT, OHD0282

"Getting ready for the Salem to Portland relay race in 1917"
credit SalemHistory.net

ID these cars anyone?:

^^my neighborhood grocery store in 1941 ... no longer a Safeway; now owned by a thieving Chinese slumlord ... best beer selection in town though.
Photograph property of the Marion County Historical Society.

^^ 1974 ... bad part of my 'hood before they build a highway through the middle of it
Salem Public Library

driving up the Capitol steps!? :eek:
Photograph property of the Marion County Historical Society.

Baker Electric car, Salem, Oregon :confused:

Bush House Museum, Salem Art Association Photo ID number bh0169".

"Columbus Day Storm of October 12, 1962"
Salem Public Library

^^ still a popular spot for people to park their car too close into the River
Statesman Journal Newspaper

I have the link on my home computer; will have to post up more later this weekend
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Where (also when) I grew up.
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More at Shorpy.com; probably the most amazing website of high resolution vintage images I've ever found.

How about some 1942 Middle America action? MUCH larger image on their website.

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Some 60's. Again, much larger photo at shorpy.com or if you cut and paste the pic link to a new browser window.

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None of those are showing up bud! Hahaha. Bet they are awesome though!

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Several of these will be showing up on my large format printer like right now. I need some smaller sized images for a mostly drab office.....




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I love this shot.

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I'll post more when it hits page 2 so browsers don't crash from all the pics
Man thats good stuff.
best page own in a while

I'll post more when it hits page 2 so browsers don't crash from all the pics
i'm subscribed, but you know how long these last. wish i had some to add, thank you.
Upon closer inspection, this looks like it might be the end of the Mulsanne Straight at Le Mans. You can see the right turn (Mulsanne Corner) on the left side of the picture. Apparently the driver missed the apex.:laugh: Can anyone confirm?
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