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Vintage photos....Awesome!

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Vintage pics? Anyone? The more I see the more I get into the photos.

Feed me.

I'll kick this snowball rolling....

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I can finally contribute to this awesome thread! I present to you my great-grandparents, with my grandfather sitting on the car, and his baby brother. Can anybody identify the car? Pretty sure its a Ford... as they were a Ford family till the end. Sorry for the picture of a picture, and not an actual scan.

I think you're right. The car in your photo looks a LOT like this '46 Ford photo I found:
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Man, some of those old X frame Chevys were scary! They would fold up like a pretzel in a crash. :(
Aside from the roof damage (I assume it rolled?), that actually looks like it held together really well, IMO.
King Midget - Jodie Road, Framingham, MA
I love seeing how landscapes change over relatively short (decades) periods of time. Just found this same area on Google Maps. It's a short street with only a few cross streets. Was able to match up the two houses at the cross street. There's a lot more in the way of trees and houses now. The King Midget would have been roughly where the gray/black Chevy is in the modern picture.

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3/17/85 - you can thank me later :eek::p - hopefully 2625 still reads the thread
RT 17 SOUTHBOUND NJ IN 1985 by richie 59, on Flickr
Took me a moment to recognize it, but that's Joe Heidt VW in Ramsey, NJ. The combination of seeing the VWs, and the Hess station across the highway make it a dead giveaway.

I traveled that stretch of road so many times in my life that I was probably in the car with my parents at some point and passed right by that very same lineup of new MkIIs.
You keep posting stuff I'm personally familiar with. :)

Technically, this last one is in Cambridge, MA. This is in Harvard Square. I worked right down the street from here from 2005-2013. The building in the background is part of Harvard.

Trivia point - there are signs for the T (subway). The Harvard Square station of 1971 is not the same one as today. Back in, I think the 1980s, they built a new Harvard Square station. One of the new entrances is directly to the right of this news stand (which looks identical to this day). They didn't demolish the old station. They closed off the entrances to it and turned off the lights.

Heading into Boston from Harvard Square on the subway, if you look out the windows of the train, you can see the dusty old Harvard Square station. On RARE occasions, the lights will be on for maintenance and you can see the old station.
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A parade/gathering of some sort, 1980s
Parade by FordTorino73, on Flickr
Unless I'm mistaken... that photo was taken just inside the front gates of Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, looking right, just as you pass under the front gate railroad station. The building on the right is the railroad station.

The building off in the background is the theater/exposition hall:

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Well, I guess some of my family went there again, then. That building does look like a match, and the photo I posted does seem a little bit amusement park-y :beer:
You seem to have an uncanny knack for posting photos of locations I've actually been to. Granted, half the free world has probably been to WDW. Still, it's another case of - "oh, I've been there". :)
Congrats on your purchase, and I'm glad you like the picture :) I need more education on old trailers. All I really know of are Airstreams.
I posted pictures of it in THIS thread recently. It's a genuine barn find - a 1969 Apache Chief:

The one closest to the camera, directly to the left of the station wagon is an Apache - as seen in the logo (small, but readable). I'd guess it's an early '60s Apache Eagle, though I'm not an expert. I think the one directly behind it is another Eagle.

In the rear right of the picture, just to the left of another station wagon and in front of a sedan, is another Apache Chief - looks to be an early '60s model. It's the one that opens and unfolds to ONE side as opposed to two sides.

I'm still getting up to speed, but Apaches were around for a long time. It seems that the canvas tent models are less popular. Later on (early 1970s?) Apache started selling models with fold-out rigid and hinged plastic sides, eliminating the canvas. It seems that most Apache enthusiasts want the hardsided models. Mine has a canvas tent.

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I actually know of a Vanagon sitting in somebody's backyard near me. I guess I'll have to see what's up with it. Glad you like the photos, and feedback is ALWAYS appreciated.
Also MagicBus, there are a few more T3 photos a fwe pages back (starting at about page 268)
I saw them. I see everything in this thread. I just think that it wouldn't be useful for me to clog things up by giving a thumbs-up to every single post. If I see something I find extra especially interesting, I comment. But, I like 'em all. It's cool to see a window on the past. :thumbup:
Another coincidence... I took a look at the photostream this one came from. I believe this is the Ridgewood, NJ Grand Union. I worked there for one summer in the late 1990s, before it became a Stop and Shop.
Another coincidence... I took a look at the photostream this one came from. I believe this is the Ridgewood, NJ Grand Union. I worked there for one summer in the late 1990s, before it became a Stop and Shop.
Thanks for the info :beer:

I Googled it and saw what it looks like now. I didn't realize it was a massive store. Didn't look that big from the photo.
It's actually not that big a store. Pretty average size supermarket, as I recall.

I don't make it back to NJ much, but the building now is largely the same as it was at least back to the 1980s. My family moved there in the mid '80s. Perhaps they tore the building in the 1950s photo down and rebuilt before the '80s? A possibility, anyway. Or, it could just be the angle of that photo.
Asbury Park NJ, 1980
Trivia point for those Bruce Springsteen fans who aren't familiar with Asbury Park...

You know the line in Born to Run that goes "beyond the Palace hemi-powered drones scream down the boulevard"?

That photo above - that's the palace.
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