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Vintage photos....Awesome!

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Vintage pics? Anyone? The more I see the more I get into the photos.

Feed me.

I'll kick this snowball rolling....

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Awesome! thanks for sharing. :thumbup::p
Norton Manx. :thumbup::p
It looks like this guy has Marge Simpson's hair in green. ^^:laugh:
Wonder how using a gas tank as a bumper worked out.
"Ralph Nader to the courtesy phone please"
Does it still exist?

We visited Expo '67 and never thought the cubes would hold up, yet they are thriving rental units, last I read.

Yup, still holding.
I love those over lays above! Very cool. :cool:
Yes. :thumbup:
Just a comment on this photo of a family posing with their automobile and all the other similar photos displayed here so far: The great pride that these folks were feeling, and expressing, in these photos is unknown in our time. To possess an automobile 100 years ago, especially for rural people, was something marvelous, even miraculous. It literally liberated these people to travel farther, faster, and more conveniently than ever before. Their automobile also represented a huge savings in labor for them, too, as well as their time, which heretofore had been consumed in far greater quantities just getting into their nearby town, for instance. That Model T wasn't just a car for these folks. It was a life-changing event. :)
This is the ONLY Sports Ghia I've EVER seen....and only heard of it in a few books...WOW.
IIRC this guy found an identical car a while ago in a random parking lot.
Others are showing their old cars via vintage photos, so here is my '76 Scirocco, taken nearby Mosport in Ontario, on our way to the Canadian GP in '76:

and Toronto drivers are horrible in the snow:laugh:

It's a national disaster here when we get 2" of snow
They are probably better than Vancouver drivers in the snow. :laugh:
Charles Sheeler.

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