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Vintage photos....Awesome!

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Vintage pics? Anyone? The more I see the more I get into the photos.

Feed me.

I'll kick this snowball rolling....

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My favorite thread ever. :thumbup:

Apollo 11 astronaut Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin arrives arrival at the flight crew training building.
First car on the left is a 1968 AMC Rebel sedan!! :eek:
12 volt batteries have been around a long time.
Yeah but that looks like a brand new Interstate battery. :p
Sorry but I just had to quote this one.

I'd love to find a fluorescent bulb streetlight assembly! For some reason I've always been in love with it's inefficient bulkiness, even as a kid.

Anyone know of a source?
Found some more fluorescent street lighting:

Dated 1952.
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This one is newer:

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Look at these monsters circa 1950:

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Pretty darn similar to '55

Similar, yes. But the side trim pictured on the first ones and yours was '56 only. :p
I would love to be able to have seen this sign in action at night! :eek:
4th St., Detroit
Sold some parts for an Isetta today. I love the fact you're posting pictures with '54-'55-'56 Fords! :heart:
This thread continues to wonder and amaze...:thumbup::thumbup:
Everytime I see the pictures of the 50's, 60's and 70's it makes me reflect;
I know my parents provided a better quality of life for me than they had, and I know my wife and I are providing a better quality of life for our children than we had but then I see these pictures and I have to ask myself...are we really?
That's up for debate, in some ways we are (such as medical care), but in many other ways we are not.
I love this thread though, it makes me wish I was a teenager in the fifties. :thumbup:
SO refreshing to see an office without a computer. :thumbup:
Downey, CA - 1984

That is the only DMC dealer I have ever seen! :eek:
Same here. Wonder what happened to it, and why it's still even there in '84
I'd love to have more info. :thumbup:
I'm loving all the Seattle pictures. Some areas really haven't changed much and some retailers are still in the same locations! :eek:
Would love to find a TR6 targa roof for mine
I'd even be happy with the factory hardtop. :thumbup:
Oldsmobile and Chevrolet service
That's just a couple towns over from me. It turned into Ron McDonald Buick/Olds/Chev, I don't remember what it is now, if it's not vacant.
I'll take a picture of the building today next time I'm over there. :thumbup:
Plymouth Fury
These guys are now in Bend. They still do Chrysler/Dodge and also Subaru now. :thumbup:

Where did you find all these local pictures?
Tatra in front of the Atomium in Brussels, getting ready for the big expo in 1958.

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