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Vintage photos....Awesome!

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Vintage pics? Anyone? The more I see the more I get into the photos.

Feed me.

I'll kick this snowball rolling....

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Very nice thread. :)
Need more information on the be-finned, retractable hardtop streamliner above, please. I've never seen this before. It looks to be built on a Ford V8 chassis, judging by the wheels.
This year, 2011, will be the centenary of the very first running of the World's Greatest Automobile Race, the Indianapolis 500. The winner of the first Indy 500, Ray Harroun, driving his Marmon Wasp racer, is pictured here. The speeds achieved by the racers increased greatly in later years, particularly after 1912, which was the year that racing cars made the momentous switch from oval wheels to circular ones.

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Vintage photo of my favorite vintage car with a pretty movie star...this fits. Sonja Henie, Norwegian Olympic skating champion turned Hollywood actress, with her brand-new 1937 Cord 812:

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Myrna Loy

Another Myrna Loy fan in TCL? That's great! One of the lovliest that Hollywood has ever produced. :thumbup::)
Another vintage Hollywood star/glamorous car photo, this one my favorite ever...Rita Hayworth with her new Lincoln Continental. Lincoln's beautiful, Rita is SMOKIN' hot. :)

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Vintage, and just one more of the lovely Rita Hayworth. This was the most popular pinup photograph of GIs in WWII, IIRC. Understandable. :)

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Wonderful photos; where did you find all of them? BTW, when I visited the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen in '78 and '80 that factory building was still there, along with the polyglot of smaller buildings from their earlier days. The museum was housed in one of those small, old buildings just inside the factory gates, actually. The 928 and 911SC/Turbo were emerging from the same assembly halls that once gave birth to 356s. It gave one a nice feeling to be there. :)
What was the POS the wife was driving?
A 1941 Chevrolet coupe, similar to this '41 Chevy sedan:

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Warning! Might lead to a cognitive disconnect (since I don't think Saabs were sold in the US in the mid-60's?): Death Valley (CA) 1965

It's me on the door! Note the hammock inside the car. When I was taking a nap, my parents would put me in the hammock and keep on driving. Safety much?
Great photo. Do you know if it was taken at Furnace Creek? I drove through DV in the summer of '77 in my new Scirocco, and stopped at Furnace Creek. It was awesomely hot there...about 117F that day. Several plastic panels inside my VW warped on that ride. :)
Charlottetown, PEI 1950's

Barrington St., Halifax, NS 1960

The top photo contains a 1963 Chevrolet sedan, and the Beetle is a '68, which would place it no earlier than late '67, and the bottom photo shows a 1962 Chevy sedan crossing the intersection, likewise placing its timeframe in the late-1961-forward area. I date photos by the cars. :)
Everything here is terrific, but special danke schoens for the v. nice pictures of Zephyrs. They're so pretty, and so under-celebrated. Landmark automobiles. :)
Kar Krusher

Hey man! Yer crushin' a $25,000 car! Whuttaryuh, NUTZ???:laugh:
Yes, that is the great cathedral of Cologne. When I was there in the early eighties, we walked over to the left-front corner of the facade to see the (still there) brickwork temporary repairs done to it after a bomb exploded close by. You can see the damage in the photograph; it's at the base of the nearest spire. The allied bombers had been instructed to avoid hitting the cathedral, and despite the devastation of the surrounding area the crews somehow managed to not hit the priceless landmark except for that one bomb.

BTW, Cologne was the worst city I've ever had to drive an automobile in. The streets are medieval in layout, and thusly are like a "plate of spaghetti", with no rhyme or reason, and they're all one-way, or so it seemed, and narrow as a garden pathway. Beautiful city, just leave the car at home. :laugh:
Photograph of the contract-signing for the sale of Lincoln Motor Car Company to the Ford Motor Company in 1922. Seated, at left is Edsel B. Ford, on the right is Wilfred Leland. Standing behind Edsel is Henry Ford, his father, and to his side is Henry Leland, Wilfred's father and founder of Lincoln. Ford and Leland had been business associates in the early days, but had split up and disliked each other immensely. Henry Leland was kept on as titular director of the Leland production facility until one day he was fired by Ford. Leland refused to leave his office, and had to be carried out, seated in his office chair, by security officers. Theirs is a great story of power, genius, and grudges that wouldn't die.

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This is the best shot of the thread! This is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!:pic::heart::pic::heart::beer:
This would have been a shot of TCL members of 1954, if TCL had existed then.
A look back at the" filling station"

Once upon a time they were everywhere. I can still hear the sound of the "ding-ding" when a car would pull up to the pumps. (Most of you probably don't know what I'm talking about.) :)
Loving the '49 Cadillac with its "sombrero" wheel covers muchly. :thumbup::)
What a beautiful photograph. Ansel Adams perhaps?
Caption for the above photo: "There's a Ford in my future!" :)
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