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Hi all!

Recently, we got our hands on a Gen 2 R8 and are doing a full wide body build.
The kit that we've selected is the Prior Design PD800WB. The kit includes the following:

Front Bumper Vents Inserts
Front Add-On Lip Spoiler
Front Flares
Side Skirts
Rear Bumper Vents Inserts
Rear Diffuser
Rear Flares
Front Fenders

I figured I would introduce myself and give you folks a sneak peek.

We currently are having a set of wheels built by Brixton and will have a reveal as soon as it is finished. In the mean time, keep an eye on this thread as I will be update it through the process!

Below are some photos of the install so far:

Michael Lamontagne
VW / Audi Performance Specialist

Vivid Racing | Gilbert, AZ | www.vividracing.com
480.966.3040 x270 | Email: [email protected]

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The R8 is back with the full Prior Design kit installed. You can see how much WIDER this thing is as the OEM wheels are still installed. We've fitted a Capristo Exhaust to it as well. We've got a couple more tricks up our sleeve with this build... Stay tuned!! :laugh:

Capristo Exhaust

Prior Design Widebody Kit

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