Like the Volkswagen brand, the performance R brand is getting an updated logo. Like the new VW logo, it’s simpler and more modern according to the brand.

“Reduced to its essential components, it can be used for various purposes, remaining particularly suitable for digital media,” writes Volkswagen R in a statement. “The new logo was developed at the Volkswagen Design Center.”

The logo replaces the Audi-Sport-esque R-over-quadrangle logo that we all know and love. The logo replaced the R32’s waving flag logo.
There appear to be two logos. Although shaped the same, one is filled in and the other is just the outline of the R. The former appears to be intended for full R models like the Golf R. The latter will be reserved for R-line models, which don’t get performance upgrades but get sportier-looking trim and design.

“The R marks the athletic apex of our model program and the R logo serves as an expression of both aesthetics and sportsmanship,” says Klaus Bischoff, VW’s head of design. “At the same time, it is gaining in terms of both clarity and charisma, as is the new Volkswagen brand logo.”
The new logo, which VW Vortex uncovered in May , will make its debut on the Atlas Cross-Sport R-Line, which is being manufactured in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Friday.

We will have more for you from the launch of the five-seater Atlas, so keep your Vortex tab open and hit refresh every 2 minutes until then to stay ensure you don’t miss it.