Need a new car or crossover now, but worried that you might lose your job before the economy reopens? Volkswagen's got your back with some new finance offers that include waived payments if you find yourself unemployed in the next year.

“This global pandemic and the economic uncertainty that came with it has many of us facing difficult choices and we don’t want purchasing a new vehicle to be one of them," said Scott Keogh, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America. "We want our customers to know that if the unexpected happens, we're here to help.”

The expansion of VW's Community-Driven Promise means that Volkswagen Credit (VCI) will waive up to six months of payments to help buyers who end up needing from financial relief.

To qualify, you need to become unemployed "for economic reasons," and it must happen at least 90 days after you take ownership of the car, which hopefully will be after this crisis has finished. Plus you need to have been full-time employed for at least 12 consecutive weeks. So no buying a car and telling your boss to stuff it to get six free payments. There are some other restrictions, like the program isn't currently available in New York, and it only applies for the first 12 months of the loan (this one's not for lessees).

Volkswagen is also offering qualified new vehicle buyers zero per cent financing for up to 72 months and the option to delay their first payment by three months. CPO Volkswagen buyers may qualify for zero percent for up to 60 months, with the new-car offer running until the end of April and the CPO option until the end of June.

Existing customers of VCI who are affected by the COVID-19 crisis can access their accounts online to defer payments up to 90 days and extend leases up to six months.