The movement of trailers cannot be understood by mere mortals. Sure, there are some who’ll, in a low, husky voice “Backing up a trailer? Easiest thing in the world.” These are what we, in the business call, liars. Backing up trailers is hard and that’s why Volkswagen is introducing Trailer Assist.

Volkswagen’s optional, easy to use system is available in European Passats, Tiguans, and Tourans. The driver activates the system by pressing a key and sets the destination with the rearview camera, meters the brake, and lets the vehicle do the rest. Using the mirror adjuster knob as a sort of joystick, the driver can adjust the direction of travel whenever they like.

Der neue Volkswagen Tiguan

Now that VW is offering more SUVs, the need for such a system makes sense, as the bigger vehicles have more towing capacity.

The system isn’t yet available stateside, but bringing it over in the future isn’t out of the question.