The I.D. nameplate is gaining a new member now that Volkswagen has applied for the "I.D. STREETMATE" trademark.

Volkswagen’s application reveals little about the actual product that the name will be attached to—it could be anything from a quantity indicator to a contact lens or any form of motor vehicle not on rails—but the name does suggest that it will be part of VW’s electric push.

Having tasked itself with turning its diesel sales into electric sales by 2025, VW is looking to have as many electric vehicles on the road by 2025 as possible. So far we know of the I.D. hatchback, the I.D. Crozz crossover, and the I.D. Buzz. We know, though, that more are on their way.

A leaked document showed an I.D. sedan and an SUV are also in the works, though in that document they were referred to as the AEROe and the Lounge. Comments made by a VW representative, meanwhile, suggest that another sedan might be on its way, too. All of these, it seems, are expected to go on sale before 2022.

It may be that VW plans on renaming one of these vehicles before it’s revealed, but Streetmate somehow doesn’t sound like an appropriate name for either a sedan or an SUV. It could also be that VW is planning another vehicle, say a small city car or a subcompact SUV, but that’s purely speculative.

Although the I.D. nametag has so far only been applied to vehicles, the application, as far as the trademark office is concerned, could equally apply to an app or a similarly non-vehicular, but vehicle-adjacent technology. Volkswagen has long been talking, for instance, about self-parking cars and a mapping technique could also easily use the I.D. name.

The first I.D., the hatchback, premiered at the Paris motor show late last year and is expected to go on sale in Europe--not in America--in 2020.

Additional reporting for this story by Dennis Chung