The 40 th birthday celebration continues with another enormously powerful Golf GTI. This time, sadly, it’s a one-off built over nine months by trainees from Volkswagen and Sitech Sitztechnik.

This is the ninth year in a row that Volkswagen has asked trainees to build them a unique Golf for Wörthersee, but the Golf GTI Heartbeat might be the most impressive. It makes a massive 395 hp (400 ps), sits on  20” BBS aluminum rims, and pumps out 1,360 watts from a seven speaker sound system.

Other unique design cues include Volkswagen’s GTI honeycomb motif, which can also be found all over the GTI Heartbeat. Outside, it features reflex silver paint, with the honeycombs in tornado red, while inside the same pattern is on the door insets and seats.

Those seats are stolen from the GTI Clubsport S, which doesn’t have any in the back, so the GTI Heartbeat instead makes do with a 1,360 watt HIFI sound system that features seven speakers, LED lighting, and engraved glass covers.


The seven men and five women responsible for the GTI Heartbeat are training to work in a various capacities for VW. They will paint, design, and furnish the brand’s cars in the future and the one-off GTI is both a lesson for the apprentices and a chance for them to let their imaginations run wild.

“During the creation of their dream GTI, our apprentices learn about the complexity of automobile production,” says Peter Christ, Head of Automotive Technology Training in Wolfsburg. “We select especially talented young people and give them an opportunity at an early stage to learn from experienced colleagues.”