Volkswagen has launched the VW CES 2017 app to show how its cars will be connected to your phone in the future.

The App is free on Apple and Android’s various application stores and hooks you up to the VW booth at CES to show you everything the brand has to offer at the electronics show.

In future, similar apps will connect owners to the Volkswagen digital ecosystem, whatever that is. Owners will have personalized accounts, known as Volkswagen User IDs, that will automatically connect them to their Volkswagen ID (what a delightful coincidence!) when they enter it.

Die Marke Volkswagen auf der CES 2017: Interaktive Volkswagen APP ist der Schlüssel zum persönlichen digitalen Erlebnis auf der CES 2017

All of this means that your personal settings will be remembered across VW products. So you could enter your buddy’s VW and have all of your settings (ambient light level, seating position, etc), music, and apps follow you automatically. Which among infotainment ideas certainly is one.

The app can be downloaded now, but not all of the features will be available until January 5, when CES begins. The VW CES 2017 app currently has information about the exhibition, but show-goers will be able to use the app to connect to the ID, which is being shown in North America for the first time.