• Inconsistent trends on the markets
  • New T6 with significant growth of 4.6 per cent

Up to the end of August 2015, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 285,000 urban delivery vans, transport vehicles and pickups to customers all over the world. Sales of the brand are thus at the same level as last year (January to August 2014: 287,000, -0.8 per cent).

On the markets in Western Europe the brand achieved a growth of 0.5 per cent with 189,000 deliveries (188,100). The United Kingdom showed significant signs of growth and sales of the brand rose there by 15.3 per cent to 32,700 units (28,300).In Germany, deliveries declined – in consequence of the model change of the Caddy and the T series – by 5.1 per cent to 72,500 units (76,300).

In Eastern Europe deliveries by the end of August slowed by 23.61 per cent to 19,000 units (24,900). The Russian market dropped by 56.6 per cent to 3,700 units.

In the Middle East more vehicles were handed over to customers, in fact 23,150 units (15,900) which is an increase of 45.4 per cent. Sales on the most important Turkish market were 20,600 vehicles (13,600; + 51.4 per cent).

In South America Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles delivered 24,300 vehicles (26,500; -8.3 per cent). In Brazil 8,100 vehicles were delivered (12,400, -34.4 per cent). The Argentinian market rose by 12.2 per cent to 12,700 deliveries (11,300).

Sorted by models, worldwide were shipped:

• 112,600 vehicles of the T model range (107,700; +4.6 per cent)
• 31,200 vehicles of the Crafter series (30,400; +2.8 per cent)
• 92,200 vehicles of the Caddy model range (97,000; -5.0 per cent).
• 48,800 vehicles of the Amarok series (50,500; -3.4 per cent).