Today is the holiest day on the calendar, National Donut Day, so celebrate with us as we run through videos of Volkswagen doing that finest of car feats: the donut.

Volkswagen Golf VR6 Turbo 4Motion Donuts

Rain. A big empty parking lot. Powered rear wheels. A heavy foot. These are the ingredients that make a great donut and they're all here in spades. A classic: 5 out of 5 sprinkled donuts.



Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross ‘Donut School’

VARX put out this video only a few weeks ago to celebrate the start of the Red Bull GRC season. Since then, VARX has had a lot to celebrate and this week they’ll back out on the racetrack in Dallas. So until then, enjoy these tasty donuts: 4 out of 5 square donuts



How to do DONUT DRIFT – Indian [Volkswagen polo]

Volkswagens these days tend to be front wheel drive, so donuts don’t come naturally. Where others might just give up on the whole idea, though, this enterprising young hero found a way. For his tenacity and resourcefulness, we give him 5 out of 5 homemade donuts that taste a little funny, but were made with love.



Drifting in a VW Beetle

Stereotypes would lead you to believe that a Beetle doesn’t make enough power to do a donut, and this lowered and shiny Beetle looks a little too nice to be doing anything as harsh as a donut. Thankfully, both assumptions are proven very wrong and we get this great and unexpected donut: 4 out of 5 Bacon Maple donuts.



VW Polo Pinata

Another video based on a Volkswagen Motorsport car. This time, we see Jari-Matti Latvala crushing Pinatas with his Polo WRC and just saying that sends a frisson of excitement down my spine. 5 out of 5 bunuelos