For the third time, the Volkswagen e-Golf has been crowned the overall winner of the Silvretta E-Auto Rally. In the demanding efficiency rating, which is considered the pinnacle for electric cars, Volkswagen secured first place for the second year in a row with the e-up!. In challenging mountain terrain the e-Golf as well as the e-up! proved their everyday suitability as pure electric vehicles with daily performance range of up to 134 kilometers.

The Silvretta E-Auto Rally of 3-5th July was a great success for Volkswagen this year.  After last year's victory, the four electric vehicles from Volkswagen - an e-up! and three e-Golf - completed the challenging tracks without range problems and finished within the top five places. The Volkswagen team of Christian Ehret and Daniel Schmidt secured overall victory by 361 kilometers in their e-Golf.

On the second day, difficult efficiency testing for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles took place, with the vehicles competing against each other in terms of their consumption. The e-up! won with a sensationally low fuel consumption of just 9.17 kWh /100 km and thus remained 28 percent below the stated standard consumption of 11.7 kWh / 100 km. Extremely low consumption challenge results made Tino Laue and Ruth Holling the world champions of efficiency. The team also took also the 3rd place in the overall standings of the rally.

In three days and stages of 109, 118 and 134 kilometers, the electric vehicles showed their full operational capability in high alpine terrain, because each stage had up to 2000 meters of altitude to deal with. The vehicles had their high overall efficiency impressively demonstrated as well as their excellent recuperation when driving downhill.

Both vehicles are now in our sales program: The e-up! with a power output of 60 kW (82 hp) and its electric range of up to 160 kilometers in Germany costs from 26.900, - Euro. The e-Golf with its 85 kW (115 hp) runs up to 190 kilometers and costs in Germany from 34,900, - Euro.

(Source: dpp-car reporter)

Translation by VWvortex