Volkswagen has set forth some rather ambitious electric vehicle plans, which will see the German carmaker investing heavily into its global manufacturing infrastructure to bring half-a-dozen new EVs to market within the next couple of years.

But as far as it concerns rumors that Volkswagen could strike up a partnership with Tesla Motors, the public ought to just forget about it.

At a press conference in Wolfsburg, Germany, Reuters reports , Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess told reporters the German company had no plans to cooperate with Tesla Motors. Diess reportedly said that the American EV manufacturer's ability to innovate quickly - and even set new standards in some areas - is admirable, but that rumors that the two automakers were eyeing a collaboration are false.

Previously, reports maintained that Volkswagen - Germany's largest automaker by volume - was eyeing acquiring a stake in Tesla Motors as Tesla considered going private again. Volkswagen had thus hoped to cash in on some of Tesla's battery and software aptitude, reports maintained, but Tesla ended up abandoning plans to privatize.

Both Toyota and Daimler formerly held stakes in Tesla Motors, but both automakers sold their shares after the American EV manufacturer went public and share prices soared.

Even though a collaboration is not in the cards, Volkswagen reportedly does not want Tesla Motors to collapse. Volkswagen of America's Chief Engineering Officer, Matthias Erb, said in April of 2018 : "[Tesla has] created so much positive impact and so many new ideas... Yeah, why not have them around?”

Like its rivals, Volkswagen's success in the EV space depends on the market share of electric vehicles growing, both in the U.S. and abroad. Needless to say, Tesla Motors has been a big driver of EV growth, and the American company's penchant for calling more attention to pure-electric vehicles could be useful to Volkswagen moving forward.

But a Volkswagen-Tesla Motors alliance? Forget about it. Volkswagen's CEO wishes you would.