Following Volkswagen’s sales reports for the first two months of 2016, Forbes is reporting that the auto making giant is neck-and-neck for the title of most sales . The close sales race, they say, is likely to continue all year long.

Although Volkswagen’s worldwide sales figures haven’t grown by much, they have grown by 1.4% over 2015. The company’s main competition, Toyota, has seen an overall sales decline as compared to last year.

China seems to be where Volkswagen could gain an advantage. The automaker has been eagerly building plants there and now has eight production sites, with two more under construction.

VW is anticipating big sales in India, too. The company recently revealed that it would be adding a third production shift at its Pune Plant to keep up with demand for its new compact sedan, the Ameo.

In America, meanwhile, global brand CEO Herbert Diess will be meeting with dealers to discuss the future. America has never been Volkswagen’s strongest market, but the company is looking to recover from its recent slump here.