Rival Road: GTI vs GLI sets out to pit fans of Volkswagen’s two small performance cars against one another. The game is VW’s first, and it allows players from across the nation to compete for their preferred car.

The game is a fairly simple one. Racing up a road in your favorite car (either a GTI or GLI) you have to avoid obstacles to last as long as you can. The game is available on both computers and mobile devices.


If you enter their competition, though, you could end up winning time on a real racetrack with Tanner Foust and Scott Speed. The two Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross drivers are captains of the opposing teams and on July 26 will compete to help determine if the Golf or the Jetta will win.

While watching the livestream, you’ll be able to affect the outcome. Not just because you’re unlucky and your favorite team always loses when you’re watching, but also because you can throw up obstacles in the drivers’ paths.

On that date, Speed (team GTI) and Foust (team GLI) will compete not in real cars, but with RC cars designed to look like the relevant VWs. While the race is going on, viewers will be able to throw up obstacles to slow down the team they oppose. It’s kinda like fanboost, but less dumb.


Finally, you can enter the Rival Road Contest, which could win you a trip to Fastivus 2016, taking place in California on August 14.

As this is written, team GTI leads team GLI by about 466 miles, but there’s still a long road ahead and plenty of time to catch up. So if you’re a GLI fan get playing at rivalroad.com.