Volkswagen may be looking to get rid of its supercar brands, according to a report from Reuters. The automaker is looking to double its value, free up cash, and focus on electrification. 

“We are constantly looking at our brand portfolio, this is particularly true during the phase of fundamental change in our industry,” Diess told Reuters. “In view of the market disruption, we must focus and ask ourselves what the transformation means for the individual parts of the group.”

Reuters also spoke to executives who asked not to be named. The sources told the outlet that the transformation could lead to listing a brand or two. It could also lead to technology partnerships, restructuring, and other options.

“Brands must be measured against new requirements. By electrification, by reach, by digitalization and connectivity of the vehicle,” said Diess. “There is new room for maneuver and every brand must find its new place.”

Rumors recently cropped up that Volkswagen would sell Bugatti to Rimac. The prevailing theory is that they would sell Bugatti to the electric supercar maker for a bigger stake in its technology.

Porsche is developing a high-performance electric platform, which will be used across multiple brands. Help form Rimac could certainly improve the platform, but company insiders question whether or not it's even worth electrifying Lamborghinis, Bugattis, and Ducatis if customers of those brands would prefer internal combustion engines.

Rumors have long persisted that VW is looking to get rid of Ducati since its core technology doesn’t contribute to any of the company’s other brands. With a high proportion of EV startups earning capital thanks to high-performance vehicles, the appeal of an electric supercar might be underestimated by VW.