25 years ago the first Golf rolled off the assembly line at Volkswagen's Zwickau plant. Since then, more than 2.7 million Golfs were produced in Saxony, from the Mk2 up to today's Mk7.  When the facility first opened in 1991, a record 150 cars were per day - now, up to 1150 Golfs can be built.

VW Sachsen-council chairman Jens Rothe recalls: "In May 2013, we began production of the Golf Variant.  The model has since developed into an important additional pillar of our production facility. The loyalty of customers is the greatest compliment to our colleagues."

Today Golf, Golf Variant, Passat Variant and bodies for the Phaeton and Bentley's Continental series are produced in Zwickau.

(Source: Dpp Auto Reporter / wpr)

Translation by VWvortex