It's fair to say that Volkswagen's venerable Q-ship the Phaeton is getting a little long in the tooth. Most in tune with the brand's product cadence know there's a new one planned, and we've just received these renderings of what that car might look like thanks to our friend Tobias Büttner.

As you can see in Büttner's images, his design uses the most modern Volkswagen brand design cues and applies it to a handsome 4-door sedan form with aggressive coupe-like greenhouse.


So, what do we know of the next Phaeton? Well, the big news is that it is expected to go electric in its next generation. Volkswagen recently included a mention of it in a recent press release. In it they stated:
The Volkswagen Phaeton has embodied the brand’s technological competence and brand ambition from the first generation onward. The future generation of the Phaeton will once again be the flagship for the brand’s profile over the next decade. In light of this, the Board of Management redefined the current project. The specification features a pure electric drive with long-distance capability, connectivity and next-generation assistance systems as well as an emotional design.
So, what do you think? Would you buy an electric Phaeton that looks like this?