The nuts over at the Volkswagen Motorsports skunkwerks in Germany have been working on the ultimate Golf for track use and they’ve come out with something even faster. With more power and better aero, the new car is sure to set blazing lap times.

“You cannot afford to rest on your laurels in motorsport, and we want to continue to offer our customers a competitive car for their commitments around the world,” says Sven Smeets, director of Volkswagen Motorsports.

Autodesk VRED Professional 2017 SP1

Volkswagen was allowed to breathe on the engine, tuning it to produce 350 hp, 20 more than last year’s. The real improvements have come with how the car slides through the air, though.

“For this reason, we have systematically further developed the Golf GTI TCR for the 2017 season,” says Smeets. “The focus of this further development was on the car’s aerodynamics.”

Autodesk VRED Professional 2017 SP1

The main aero improvement this year were made to the wheel arches, which improve downforce while reducing drag.

Following the success of the GTI TCR’s first season, the new version, with its many improvements and €90,000 price tag, should be an even greater success.