• Advertising campaign for "Club & Lounge" special models kicks off
  • 360°campaign rolls out across all communication channels
  • First-time cooperation with Spotify music streaming service
Volkswagen caused quite a stir across Germany just before 8:00 p.m. on December 23rd. At a press conference broadcast on TV, Europe's largest automaker presented a superstar from the international music scene as its new marketing manager: Robbie Williams. He is the key protagonist in the multi-channel advertising campaign for the new "Club & Lounge" special models which Robbie Williams unveiled at this evening's world premiere. The press conference was broadcast simultaneously by almost all TV stations and numerous online portals and social media channels, and marks the start of the advertising campaign for the "Club & Lounge" special models. This is the company's first campaign to also include cooperation with Spotify, the music streaming service.

Volkswagen is promoting the new "Club & Lounge" special models under the motto "Wie gut klingt das den." From the up! and the Golf family to the Beetle and the Tiguan – in total, there are nine models to choose from. Advance sales started on December 18 and the special models will be in the showrooms from January 2015. Details of all the models plus their attractive equipment lines and optional packages can be found on the internet at  www.klingt-gut.de . The campaign caters for all communication channels and platforms: point-of-sale activities at retailers and customer mailshots, TV and radio commercials as well as the  www.klingt-gut.de microsite and various social media channels along with several out-of-home advertising formats.

Robbie Williams recently dropped a hint about his new role and is obviously delighted with his mission: "Marketing manager at Volkswagen – wie gut klingt das denn? For me, it's a big change. It's stepping out of the world of pop into a proper job", is how Robbie described his new assignment at Volkswagen.

Under the cooperation with Spotify, Volkswagen customers and the interested public will have exclusive access to the "Say it with a Playlist" function. This service generates an individual playlist based on personal messages which the user can send either by Facebook or by e-mail. In addition, there are preconfigured playlists for each "Club & Lounge" special model which at the same time also link Spotify with the microsite  www.klingt-gut.de .

For detailed information on the "Club & Lounge" special edition models, the campaign commercials and much more, please go to  www.klingt-gut.de .