Volkswagen has just filed three new trademarks that could expand the automaker's T brand to five models.

The three new names were registered back in September but just showed up online this week. The three new badges are T-Sport, T-Go, and T-Coupé.

Though the filings themselves, registered with the German patent office on the DPMA Register, don't make it clear what the new vehicles could be, we're willing to guess they'll be related to the automaker's new T-Cross subcompact and T-Roc slightly-less-subcompact crossovers.

Sport seems like an easy choice for a sportier-looking version of one of the vehicles, or one that fits in with them. Coupé would be fitting for yet another crossover-coupe, a version of either crossover with a sleeker roofline. Think the Atlas Cross Sport to the Atlas. Go is a little trickier to try and figure out, though the Volkswagen Gol is VW's entry-level minicar in South America, so there could be some relationship there. Volkswagen does make a sedan and a pickup version of that car in addition to the hatch. We've previously heard rumours of a sub-T-Cross sized compact ute for those markets. Expect more info sometime next year.