It won’t come as a surprise to many that despite a solid few months, Volkswagen of America’s annual sales decreased in 2016.

With a total of nearly 323,000 vehicles delivered in 2016, the brand saw it’s annual sales decrease by 7.6% as compared to 2015.

Despite that, things are looking up for the embattled manufacturer. As with last month, Volkswagen’s sales increased in December. This time, sales were up more than 20%.

Of course, that’s only as compared to December 2015, when the TDI scandal was in full swing. If we compare this year’s numbers to 2014’s, though, there’s still a 9% increase.

With news happening daily, and new hurdles for Volkswagen to leap, it’s clear that they aren’t quite out of the woods yet, but it does seem that customers are at least returning and that as a result sales are genuinely improving, and that’s good.

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