As you well know, Volkswagen is going to Baja this year with the Atlas Cross Sport R. Now they need you to design the paintwork.

Although it looks pretty righteous in its unpainted glory, VW is wisely opting to go with colors. And you can pick those colors by submitting a design to VW.

The brand is providing free pictures of the car for your put your design on and they’ll all be judged by a panel of designers, drivers, and executives.

“We are continuously amazed by the creativity of our customers and fans,” said Reto Brun, Director of Volkswagen’s Design Center California. “Volkswagen is the people’s car brand and we’re excited to see how the people propose to wrap our latest off-road racer.”

The winner won’t just get bragging rights, though, they’ll also get the chance to attend a pre-race test experience with Volkswagen.

In case you’ve forgotten, the Atlas Cross Sport R was designed with help from Tanner Foust and Rhys Millen, whose race CVs are probably long enough to stretch all 1,000 of Baja’s miles.

It comes with a 2.0-liter engine that was originally for the WRC and Rallycross (and which was historically successful in both series). Although the engine is capable of 600 hp, since Baja is an endurance event, it will be tuned down to around 480 hp.

Volkswagen will pick its winning design this summer and unveil it at the Detroit auto show, which is in June this year. Check out the full rules here.