With the rise of social media and the sharing that goes along with it, businesses and agencies have placed the majority of their efforts on going 'viral.'  It's a seemingly impossible task that can either make or break a campaign with no real set formula, although cats and the elderly seem to be the closest thing to sure-fire bets.  For Volkswagen's Model Year End Sales Event, the brand is promoting their 'Golden Sisters' from YouTube fame to primetime, as they will be used in multiple TV spots promoting the event.  Two of those advertisements can be seen below.

Based on the 2.6 million hits spread across the YouTube campaign's six short videos, a revisitation of the 'Golden Girls' seems to be a logical one.  It will certainly be interesting to see how the ads are received, as they remove the Girls from the intimate setting of the interior of a Volkswagen, and place them in a more professional dealership setting.