Volkswagen is bringing the California XXL concept to production. It will debut at the Dusseldorf Caravan Salon as the Grand California.

It's set to be based on the medium wheelbase Crafter van. That's the company's full-size commercial van, larger than the T6 Transporter based California.

The high roof means room for adults to stand up, though it won't get the concept's extended length.

The Grand California offers a full wet bathroom. It's not exactly spacious, though, measuring in at around 31.5 x 33-inches. A toilet, shower, and sink are all crammed into that space, but at least there are motion sensor lights to stop you from reaching for a switch.

Standard, the Grand California it comes with berths for two adults. Space for two children is optional, but they'll be stuck in a berth amove the driver's area. The kitchen offers a sink, stove, and two fridges. The front seats swivel to add seating space when the RV is parked. It's also got solar panels, an integrated satellite dish, and skylights above the bed.

It'll be powered by a diesel engine like the Crafter it's based on, and it will have all-wheel drive available for camping in bad weather or remote sites.

It's Volkswagen camper in XXL size. Expected to go on sale early next year.