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Volvo takeover by VAG?

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Heard rumored that VAG bought volvo????? Sounds like BS to me, just checking in to see in anyone knows for sure...
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Re: Volvo takeover by VAG? (Forest Roads)

Dosn't Ford own Volvo (As well as half the other auto companys!) ?
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Re: Volvo takeover by VAG? (Forest Roads)

It wouldn't surprise me if Volkswagen bought Volvo from Ford Motor Company.
Re: Volvo takeover by VAG? (P&V Man)

yes, ford does own volvo and shedding them would be huge news, probably some b.s. rumor.
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Re: Volvo takeover by VAG? (pkagel)

They are most probably referring to the heavy truck business. Ford did not buy that. In fact, they were glad they unloaded their heavy truck business onto Freightliner (now produced as Sterling).
Re: Volvo takeover by VAG? (VW Jetta GLS)

Well, now I can stop asking myself why Sterlings look like old Ford Aeromaxes.
Re: (MrGTI)

quote:[HR][/HR]Yep. Ford owns Volvo, as well as Mazda.[HR][/HR]​
Yup, and Land Rover, Aston Martin, Jaguar (theres one that looks just like a Miata), and probably some others they wont tell us about.
check out all the logos on http://www.ford.com
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