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Votex Rack Parts?

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Does anyone know where I can get parts for a VW Votex rack? I purchased the rack for my 2000 Jetta from the dealer. I lost the 1 end cap and lock cylinder from the rack. I would like to replace it but VW does not carry replacement parts. I have heard Thule designed the rack and Votex made it, but can't seem to find replacement parts anywhere. I have emails into Thule and am trying to locate Votex to see if they could help. Any ideas?
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Re: Votex Rack Parts? (hoodzies)

I had the Votex rack for my MKIII....I bought a bunch of replacement parts when I used to have that car/rack setup.....went to my local bike shop that carried THULE and they usually had what I needed in stock. I lost one of the rubber feet and they ordered me one....
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